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casa spain


Designed to be a family vacation retreat, the house should be essentially opened, light, organic and welcoming, one of its main characteristics being to implant in the soil in the most subtle and natural way possible, according to the topography of the place. The residence occupies an area of 597sqm, in a land with total length of 1980sqm, in the condominium Calas de Guisando, near Madrid, Spain.

Our inspiration originated from the family's desire to have a beach house in its essence: a refuge in the woods, a porch with large eaves and few walls, fully integrated internal and external spaces, valuing the visual relation with the forest and the lake. Glass, stone, wood and concrete, made up in a natural way our palette of finishes, materializing the sensations idealized for the house with a touch of Brazilianness and connection between architecture and nature.

The composition of the two overlapping and perpendicular volumes is very characteristic of the contemporary architecture, conceptualized by our office, where the environments are sectorized through the definition of the architectural and material elements.

The main volume of the house rises from the ground and seems set in the topography. The house thus projects out of the mountain, through two stone planes that support the roof with large wooden-clad eaves, composing the projection of the terrace that seems to float under the native vegetation that reigns absolute.

The volume of the rooms, in the upper block, is lined with panels of folding Brise Soleil, which allow the shading of the internal areas, keeping the air circulation thermally pleasant all over the year. 


local | Calas de Guisando | Madri | Spain

data | 2018

área | 597m²

status | estudo

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