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lake house

Upon entering the property, the visitor sees the pool inserted on the shores of the lake and a rectangular block of 36.5 linear meters!

The subtle feeling of not touching the ground, transforms the brutality of this concrete block into an elegant lightness, its proportion is entirely linked to the proportion of the human scale, with a ceiling height of 2.60 the architecture seems to frame the surrounding nature.

The entrance to the house takes place on the opposite side, there you can see two more volumes covered in stone and both appear to be inserted within the concrete block, one on each side. Between them, a reflecting pool with a walkway invites you to access the house. These stone volumes house different functions: one houses the two suites and the private garden of the master suite, and the other houses the garage, laundry room, toilet, wine cellar and kitchen.

When crossing the walkway, the glass doors open completely and the large living room integrates with the water mirror and also with the lake! The gap open to the front and back of the land, brings nature inside in a very intense way.

The living room has a smooth composition of materials: stone floor and walls, concrete ceiling and wooden panels.

This clearer and more welcoming composition of natural materials contrasts with the composition of furniture textures, such as leather and linen.

Light invades the interior through the rope brises, which bring beauty and dynamism to the facade, helping to provide sun protection and also privacy, when necessary.

The house brings very pure lines throughout its extension, direct connection with nature and the views, authentic materials, brutality and softness allowing the sensations to be fully felt and appreciated!

location | Uberlândia | MG

date | 2022

size | 557m²

status | concluded

team | Filipi oliveira, Mariana oliveira, ,Luis Fernando, Luis Felipe, Lucas Ferrari, Talita Faciroli, Guilherme Takahashi, Renato Ubiali, Dionésio Júnior

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