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half house



A space “to be”, “to receive”, was essential. We use natural materials that are characteristic of our projects and integration with the interior and exterior is paramount for us. The boldness was on account of the entrance tunnel, which when passing through it and arriving in the living room, we wanted to convey a sensation of breathing, of peace, a disconnection from the busy life and at the same time an analogy to time, to the here and now, to the memories of the country kitchen with the sound of water on the edge of the door and the desire to enjoy this moment: to sit down, chat and drink a good wine!

Our inspiration always comes first from our architecture and from the natural materials that we like, this time the idea was a darker, more sober, earthy and Brazilian environment... Materials that could make the space cooler, like the stone floor for example, but which at the same time has the warmth and contrast of the wooden lining. We seek to create sensations with architecture, but the inspiration also came from “being”, from literally being at home, being present, being at ease, being disconnected, being contemplating and being experiencing.

The Brazilian granite tunnel that takes us to the void, at least is more and at the same time connects us with the complete space.

We always seek to portray a Brazilian style of feeling, from materials to furniture and art objects, each with a story.

location | Ribeirão Preto sp

date | 2019

size | 60m²

status | concluded

landscaping | Monica Costa

photos | Felipe Araujo

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