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tartueria sanpaolo


The CASA VIVA theme of the show represents a lot of our projects. O use of green in space is something we always use, to give life to the environment. Based on this principle, we designed the restaurant integrating the interior with the exterior, through large openings, facilitating the use of natural lighting and ventilation. The formal purity with straight lines and few volumes, planos that lengthen and at the same time unite the environments, natural materials such as wood, concrete and stone are elements that characterize the project .

The well-designed and highlighted joinery makes up the use of the restaurant, as well as part of the decoration, which is always thought of in details of materials, furniture and textures. A warm and neutral decoration, translating a warm and unique atmosphere for each project with similarities between them. 

When we enter Tartuferia San Paolo, the aroma of the place is delicious! You immediately think: I want to eat this! The history of the truffle stirs our senses. And this project, with these características natural, receptivo and cozy, reminds us of the feeling of living...

location | sao paulo sp

date | 2018

size | 200m²

status | concluded

photos | Felipe Araujo

landscaping | Bia Abreu

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